Benchmark Programme

BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM NZ HEREFORDS BENCHMARK AWARDS 2023 With more emphasis being focused on the direct correlation between fertility and environmental sustainability, as well as financial productivity, it is likely that the Boehringer Ingelheim Benchmark sires and dams will become even more sought after by breeders and commercial buyers of registered Herefords. The awards highlight the very top performing females in the NZ Herefords gene pool, by recognizing those cows that get in calf every year and continue to produce quality calves year after year.

BLG – NZH Progeny Test

Download Informing NZ beef flier Click here to see all sires used in the Beef + Lamb NZ Genetics Progeny Tests listed in their cohorts Dairy Beef Progeny Tests: Diary Beef Progeny Test Report June 2022 Dairy Beef Progeny Test Report June 2021 Cohorts 1-5 Dairy Beef Progeny Test Interim Report April 2020 www.blnzgenetics.

Breedplan Explained

Breedplan is a modern genetic evaluation programme for beef cattle breeders. It compares cattle on the basis of their breeding values.

Calf Registrations

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Dairy Beef Initiatives

‘Less calving troubles, increased milk production, more live calves’ The Hereford breed acknowledges the importance and contribution of dairy beef production to the NZ beef industry so have focused on investing in Hereford Dairy Sire Selection programmes and subsequent Dairy Beef packages to assist dairy farmers in their selection of appropriate Hereford Dairy Sires – be it a focus on low birth weight and/ or short gestation length. Herefords offer … The easily identifiable ‘White Face Advantage’ – Friesian-Hereford cross calves and animals have long been known to command premium prices at sale time.


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