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1. Name and Incorporation
The name of the Group is the "New Zealand Miniature Hereford Breeders Group" (hereinafter referred to as "the Group").
The Group shall be incorporated under "Club Membership" of the New Zealand Hereford Association Rules.

2. Object
The object of the Breeding Group is:
To maintain the purity, improve the breed and promote Miniature Hereford Cattle.

3. Membership
(a) Membership of the Group shall be restricted to financial members of the New Zealand Hereford Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association").
(b) Each membership shall represent one stud or farm and therefore may be represented by different individual members of each stud or farm from time to time.
(c) Each membership shall be entitled to one vote on a "one vote per farm" basis.

4. Admission to Membership
(a) Any financial member of the Association may be admitted to the membership of the Group upon the payment of one year's subscription in advance.

5. Memberships Rules – General

The general rules of membership shall conform to those of the Association and shall
be binding on all members of the Group with respect to:

(a) Removal of members
(b) Subscription in arrears
(c) Resignation
(d) Registrations

All members of the Group will also be bound by the Group Regulations attached to
these rules.

6. Annual Subscriptions
(a) The annual subscription payable by members shall be set by the Group from time
to time, provided that any such determination shall only take effect from the first day
of July next following the date of such determination.
(b) Subscriptions shall be due on the first day of July in each year.

7. Levies
A Special General Meeting may from time to time strike a levy on all members of the
Group of an amount which shall not exceed one year’s subscription per member per

8. Register of Members
(a) The Secretary shall keep a register of members in which shall be entered the full
name, address and date of entry of the name of each member and such other
particulars as the Executive may from time to time require and the register shall be
available for inspection by members at the address of the Secretary.
(b) A copy of the register of members is to be lodged with the Association annually.


9 Executive Composition
The Executive shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and up
to three (3) ordinary members.

10. Executive - Powers
The Executive shall have the management and control of the affairs of the Group and
shall be empowered to perform all such acts and things as appear to the Executive to
be essential for the proper management and control of the affairs of the Group.

11. Executive - Meetings
(a) The Executive shall meet at such times as it may determine provided that the
Chairman or the Secretary may at any time call a meeting of the Executive and shall
call such a meeting if requested to do so by not less than one third of the members of
the Executive.
(b) A quorum at any meeting of the Executive shall be three (3) members of that
Executive present in person or by proxy.
(c) Where the Chairman and one other member of the Executive are of the opinion
that a matter be submitted to the Executive for decision by ballot of the members of
that Executive, such matter may be forwarded by post, facsimile or email to each of
the members of that Executive in such form as is determined by the Chairman. The
members of the Executive shall record their vote on the matter so submitted by post,
facsimile or email addressed to the Secretary and the decision of the majority shall be
binding as if such decision were obtained by vote at a regularly constituted meeting of
the Executive
(d) Where the Chairman is of the opinion that a matter be submitted to the Executive
for decision by a meeting of members of such Executive conducted by such telephone
or electronic means as may be from time to time available, the Secretary shall as soon
as practicable arrange such a meeting. The members of the Executive shall participate
in such a meeting and the decision of the majority shall be binding as if such decisions
were obtained at a regularly constituted meeting of that Executive.

12. Election of Executive Members
The election of the members of the Executive shall take place at the AGM of the
Group each year in the usual manner.

13. Removal from Office
A member of the Executive shall cease to hold such office if:
(a) he/she ceases to be a financial member of the Group
(b) he/she resigns from office
(c) he/she is removed from such office by resolution of a Special General Meeting of
members of the Group provided that such person shall be given not less than fourteen
days notice in writing of the intention to move such a resolution and shall be entitled
to attend such meeting and to be heard.

14. General Meetings
(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Group shall be held during the month of April,
May or June in each year.
(b) A Special General Meeting of the Group shall be called:
(i) upon request made to the Chairman by not less than 50% of the financial
members of the Group, provided that such request is in writing and specifies
the reason(s) for such meeting; or
(ii) by resolution of the Executive.
(c) A Special General Meeting shall deal only with the business for which it has been
(d) No item of business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum of
members entitled under these Rules to vote is present during the time when the
meeting is considering that item.
(e) 25% of the total number of financial members personally present or by proxy,
shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of any general meeting.

15. Voting
(a) Votes at any meeting of the Executive may be given personally or by proxy.
(b) Each financial member shall in relation to any general meeting of the Group be
entitled to appoint a proxy by written notice given to the Chairperson prior to the
commencement of the meeting.
(c) At any such meeting, the Chairperson of the meeting shall have both a deliberate
and a casting vote.
(e) Voting at any such meeting shall be by show of hands unless the meeting
otherwise decides.

16. Notice
(a) At least 14 days notice of any general meeting shall be given in writing to all
members of the Group.
(b) The date, time and place of the meeting is to be given along with the nature of the
business to be transacted.


17. Funds

(a) The funds of the Group shall be derived from annual subscriptions, donations,
grants, levies and such other sources as the Executive from time to time determines.
(b) Monies of the Group shall be disbursed only upon a resolution of the Executive or
a general meeting of members of the Group. However the expenditure of the funds for
purposes reasonably incidental to the general administration of the Group may be
made without the prior authority of the Executive or general meeting of the Group.
(c) All cheques and other instruments for the withdrawal of any funds of the Group
from any bank or other account shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other
nominated signatory


18. Affiliations
The Executive may affiliate the Group with such other organisations as may be
appropriate to the welfare of the Group.

19. Winding-up
The Group shall not be wound up except in accordance with the provisions of the
relevant provisions of the Association. The assets of the Group shall also be disposed
of in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Association.

20. Promotion Groups
(a) Financial members of the Group may, with the permission of the Executive, form
a Promotion Group.
(b) A Promotion Group shall be primarily responsible for the promotion of the breed
and the furtherance of the objects of the Group in the area in which the Promotion
Group operates.
(c) The conduct and administration of the affairs of a Promotion Group shall be
governed by such bylaws as may from time to time be approved by the Executive.

21. Use of the Group Logo
No member of the Group shall use the logo or any other emblem of the Group in a
manner which has not previously been approved by the Executive.


75 South Street , PO Box 503,
Feilding 4740, New Zealand.
P. +64 6 323 0745
F. +64 6 323 3878

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