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The New Zealand Miniature Hereford Breeders Group recognises the New Zealand
Hereford Association as the appropriate body for the purpose of registration of
Hereford Cattle in New Zealand.
Additional registration requirements for Miniature Hereford Cattle are set out later in
these Regulations.

SECTION 1 – Definitions

“Active Female” - a female whose Inventory fee has been paid.
“AI’ - Artificial Insemination.
“Animal Identification Number” - the sequential number (comprising up to three
digits) used in conjunction with the calf tattoo to identify each animal within its herd
of origin.
“Approved Miniature” – an animal that meets all the criteria of a Miniature Hereford
as defined later in these regulations.
“Blood Typing” - denotes the results of blood typing issued by a recognised
“Breeder of an Animal” - the person who owns the dam of the animal at the time of
“Conception” - the moment the embryo is created.
“Depasture” - the process of naturally mating a sire with females.
“DNA Typing” - denotes the results of DNA Typing issued by a recognised
“Donor Dam” - a dam which has produced an embryo.
“ET” - Embryo Transfer.
“Frame Score” - height of cattle, determined by reference to an approved chart.
“Inactive Female” - a female whose Inventory fee has not been paid, or which has
been removed from “Active Female’ status by its registered owner.
“Imported” in relation to an animal shall denote that the animal has been imported
into New Zealand. Initials such as: IMP. CAN, IMP. USA, IMP. UK etc. shall donate
the country of origin on the registration certificate of the animal.
“Inventory” - the total number of active registered or commercial females owned by a
“Member” - a person who, having paid the relevant Membership fees is a current
financial member of the NZMHBG.
“Natural Service” - the natural joining of a sire to a dam.
“NZHA” – New Zealand Hereford Association.
“NZMHBG” – New Zealand Miniature Hereford Breeders Group.
“Owner” - in relation to an animal, denotes the person/s recorded as the owner/s of an
animal in the NZHA records.
“Parentage Determination” - identifying a particular animal’s blood type with its sire
and dam.
“Possession” - refers to an owner who has physical possession of an animal.
“Prefix” - the name of a stud as registered with the NZHA.
“PTIC” - pregnancy tested in calf.
“Registration Certificate” - The Certificate issued by the NZHA and endorsed *HM
(Horned Miniature) or *PM (Polled Miniature) after verification by the NZMHBG
Registrar that the animal meets all the requirements of “Approved Miniature” as set
out in these Regulations.
“Registered” - denotes that an animal has been registered in the NZHA Herd Book.
“Registering owner” - is the person who owns the calf at the time of calving. The calf
shall carry the prefix of the registering owner.
“Reinstatement” - returning an inactive female to “active female” status in the NZHA
“Semen Interest” - refers to an interest enabling the breeding of progeny from a sire
artificially within a herd.
“Tattoo” - is a unique identification of each animal. A tattoo (in both ears of the
animal) is not compulsory but if carried out shall conform to the Standards and
Technique of Tattooing set out in the NZHA Herd Book.
“Transfer” - the document by which a change of ownership of an animal is notified to
the NZHA.
“Year Letter” - the letter allocated by the NZHA each year to be used in conjunction
with the calf ear tags and/or tattoo to indicate the year in which a calf was born.

SECTION 2 - Schedule of Fees
1. NZHA Membership fees are set out in the Herd Book.
2. NZMHBG Membership fees are $50.00 per stud per annum.
3. Registration fees are in accordance with the NZHA schedule of fees as set out in the Herd Book.

SECTION 3 – Registrations
Registration of Miniature Hereford Cattle in New Zealand will be carried out by the
NZHA in accordance with the NZHA and the NZMHBG Regulations.
The NZHA Registrar will seek verification from the NZMHBG Registrar of the
approved status of all Miniature Hereford Cattle before any Certificate of Registration
endorsed *HM or *PM is issued. Should the approved status not be met a Registration
Certificate endorsed *HM or *PM will not be issued and the subsequent registration
or otherwise of the animal (without the *HM or *PM endorsement) will be at the
discretion of the NZHA.
The NZMHBG Registrar may refuse the approved status of an animal where the
pedigree of the animal concerned discloses the existence of a blood line which has
been ruled by the NZMHBG Executive in the interests of the breed to be unacceptable
for approval.

Approved Miniature – Definition.

(a) by a registered Pure Bred Miniature Hereford sire and out of a registered Pure
Bred Miniature Hereford dam
(b) of a frame score two [or less] at 2 years of age
• An ‘Official Frame Score’ is required for every registered animal. When the
animal reaches two years of age, the owner takes a measurement using the
measurement method laid down by the Group. A fellow registered member or
veterinarian must witness and verify the measurement. Alternately a licensed
Veterinarian may take the measurement.
• Should an animal registered before reaching two years of age exceed frame
score two at two years of age, the owner must immediately inform both the
NZHA registrar and the NZMHBG registrar. The Registrars will issue a new
Certificate of Registration noting the two year frame score measurement.
• It is accepted that any animal may exceed frame score two after two years of
age and still be considered Miniature.
• Animals, semen and sire/dams of embryos being imported must have a frame
score reference. If being imported from a country that does not have an
“Official Frame Score Certificate” then this can be done under NZMHBG
regulations on an official NZMHBG frame score form. The owner takes a
measurement, with either a fellow registered member or veterinarian, to
witness and verify the measurement in the country of origin. The NZMHBG
will calculate Frame Score from the measurement.
(c) Importation of live animals, semen straws and embryos – Any stock being
imported from Australia must be registered with HAL and certified as Miniature
Hereford with AMHCA.

SECTION 4 – Grading up Rules for the purpose of introducing ?polled? Miniature Herefords

1. Grading up is only permissible for polling purposes in accordance with NZHA Regulations clause 10a.
2. Members must apply to the NZMHBG Executive Committee for approval.
3. Foundation stock (male or female) must be fully registrable with the NZHA and at least one of the parents must be polled.
4. If the animal is registered in Australia with the AMHCA and acceptable to the NZHA and the NZMHBG it can be used in the program.
5. A manual calf entry form with both the parent's verified DNA is to be attached and sent to NZMHBG registrar for approval.
6. Once approved by NZMHBG, data is to be supplied to the NZHA for recording on the computer system.
7. The offspring will be recorded by generation. For example: Awanui Tammy G1
8. When the offspring reach generation 5 (G5) they will be registerable as a miniature Hereford.
9. The registration papers will show a P for polled.
10. Polled offspring, G1, G2 etc may be sold and transferred for future breeding in Grading up Program but cannot be registered as miniature Herefords or regular Herefords.

SECTION 5 – General

The Group will follow the guidance of the NZHA Regulations on the following

(a) Inspections of Herds/Cattle
(b) Breeding
(b) Transfers
(c) Importation/Exportation
(d) Sales


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