Boehringer Ingelheim Merit Dairy Sire programme

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Updated August 2022

Boehringer Ingelheim Dairy Merit sires are selected using criteria to identify registered Hereford sires ideally suited to the dairy industry.  

Sires which produce low birthweight, ease of calving, optimum growth make them a reliable choice to use as follow up bulls which will sire saleable progeny. Complimentary easy temperament and the white face identification of the Hereford breed provide added value.

In 2021 new criteria was set for the Boehringer Ingelheim Dairy Merit sires taking into consideration the evolving dairy market, including more emphasis on 400 Day Weight, reflecting the increased demand for quick finishing dairy beef animals. Bulls are also need to be ranked in the top 20% of the new Dairy Beef Index as well as in the top (lightest) 10% for Birth Weight.

The detailed criteria are listed below:

  • Birth Weight EBV - in top 10%
  • 400 Day Weight EBV - in top 60%
  • Dairy Beef Index – in top 20%
  • Birth Weight EBV – maximum of +3.0 for dam and sire
  • EBV accuracy - minimum of 70% for the bull
  • EBV accuracy – minimum of 75% for both dam and sire

NZ Herefords Boehringer Ingelheim Merit Dairy Sires can be identified at registered Hereford Bull sales nationwide, by their certificates or by the recognizable Boehringer Ingelheim logo denotation in bull sales catalogue. Individual animal status' can be checked by using the Internet Solutions Animal enquiry service on the NZ Herefords website.



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