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Yearling bulls at Craigmore Herefords

           76  Commercial: Velvet finish for Herefords         111  Hereford Youth: Passion for agriculture
                Quality Hereford cattle go hand in hand with quality   Rural banker Sam Tipping talks about the Hereford
                stud deer in Central Hawke's Bay                    Youth family
           81  Hereford Prime: Hereford heifers make           112  It's all about the beef
                their mark                                          15 years of Future Beef New Zealand
                First-cross Herefords are the preference for loyal    115  Attracting GenZ
                Te Awamutu finisher
                                                                    Madison Pannett's Kellogg Rural Leadership
           85  Hereford Prime; Eating out                           research project
                Read about The Foundry, Invercargill,          118  Stud: Valda-Rose, Waikato
                and Furnace Steakhouse, Hamilton                    Lance Baker aims to help their bull-buying dairy
           89  Industry: Power of the beef cow                      clients have an easier calving time
                Exploration of why beef producers should genotype   123  Stud: New Zealand Miniature Herefords
                their females                                       They’re real Herefords, just smaller

           92  Industry: Beef, our land and our future         126  History: A remarkable gift to QEII
                A look into the future by AgFirst's Bob Thomson     Queenstown’s Remarkables Station, once home to

           95  Industry: Making sense of SNPs and                   the Highland Hereford Stud, given to New Zealand
                birth weight records                           129  Opinion: Part of the problem or solution?
                Update on genome-wide association study             Penny Clark-Hall talks about social licence to farm
           96  Hereford Youth: 2021 was an exciting year       132  Obituary: Fay and Colin King
                From the inaugural Youth Development Forum to       Proud Hereford breeders leave a lasting legacy
                photo and online judging competitions
                                                               138  Effective social media marketing
           101  Hereford Youth: Youth Development Forum             Social Smarty shares some social media tips
                Success in Canterbury for 18 young Hereford
                enthusiasts                                    143  Boehringer Ingelheim Benchmark Awards
           107  Hereford Youth: Sisters establish stud         147  Breeder directory
                Hillary and Elizabeth Cooper take their love of
                Herefords to another level

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