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                                                             NZ Herefords beat Angus at their own game
                                                             With few things to sing about having had another disruptive year thanks
                                                             to the global pandemic, we were thrilled with the latest B+LNZ Genetics
                                                             Beef Progeny Test results.
                                                             The beef progeny tests have been running since 2014 and are designed
                                                             to compare bulls under New Zealand’s commercial farming conditions.
                                                             A panel selects the best bulls from those nominated for each breed – a
                                                             mix of both internationally sourced and New Zealand semen is used.
                                                             Steers and cull heifers are assessed on their carcass traits while
                                                             replacement heifers are tracked for their maternal characteristics. For a
                                                             Hereford bull, Limehills Streaker 150368, to be ranked first for IMF and
                                                             another, Orari Gorge Patton 150051, ranked first for eye muscle area,
                                                             third for rib fat and second for IMF, plus Ardo Ajax ranking second for eye
                                                             muscle area, highlights how well New Zealand breeders are selecting for
                                                             carcass traits. The genetic trend graph confirms NZ Herefords’ overall trend
                                                             is a gradual increase in IMF, with a greater increase in eye muscle area.
                                                             Breed adoption of SNP genotype testing
                                                             Another success story for the breed, despite a slower SNP DNA service
                                                             due to Covid disrupting mail services, is that our breeders are embracing
                                                             technology, with more studs genotyping either their whole herds or
                                                             selecting a year-born group.
                                                             As the graph depicts, NZ Herefords breeders have transitioned from
                                                             microsatellite DNA testing in 2019, to SNP DNA testing in 2021, with
                                                             the majority requesting the NZ Hereford bundle that includes 100K
                                                             SNP DNA panel, horn poll and genetic conditions testing along with
                                                             parent verification.

                                                             Igenity is the commercial SNP testing service offered by PBB for farmers
                                                             who wish to SNP DNA test and compare in-herd performance of their
                                                             animals. NZ Herefords, at the time of print, is trialling the process and
                                                             is in discussion with PBB to ensure all parties benefit (including the
                                                             paying commercial farmers) by offering this service. This will be the first
                                                             SNP DNA testing option available for commercial Hereford farmers, one
                                                             the NZ Herefords council has predicted will be a future requirement for
                                                             many NZ Herefords breeders’ clients.

                                                             Live exports to China
                                                             Exporting livestock contributes to New Zealand’s economy and is valued
                                                             by our trading partners, however this year the New Zealand government
                                                             declared they would stop live exports in April 2023. While NZ Herefords
                                                             is only one link in the chain, we know the heifers are managed under the
                                                             Codes of Welfare published by the New Zealand National Animal Welfare
                                                             Advisory Committee (NAWAC) and we played our part in the process
                                                             during 2021 by inspecting and providing certificates for nearly 8000
                                                             category 2 Hereford heifers exported to China.
                                                             While NZ Herefords does not take a particular view on live exports, it is
                                                             an additional market for our members.

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