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The Hereford Year


 LIVESTOCK         From the President


                    WELCOME CATTLE ENTHUSIASTS, to the 2018 edition
                    of the NZ Hereford Association’s magazine.   as a plausible career.
                                                                Hereford Youth is another
                       This year’s edition covers a variety of in-depth stories   programme  aimed  at
                    from all over New Zealand, highlighting the many and   attracting and enhancing   Greetings to everyone for 2018
                    varied farming practices and breeding programmes in   the  up  and  coming
                    which New Zealand Herefords thrive.         farmers and rural decision
 Open Paddock Viewing, Bull Walk and Led Judging followed by Prize Giving  The 2018 Hereford magazine features some of the   makers of New Zealand, by giving them

 Monday 14th May at 9.30am   |   Banklea, 2183 Kimbolton Road, Kiwitea  best of ‘Our Story’.   a Hereford perspective. Look out for them on Facebook
                       In an era where consumers are totally engaged with   and read about them in this magazine.
 Lunch Provided     all sectors of the market, and calls for more detailed   As you will see from our members list, registered

                    telling of ‘Our Story’, Herefords are in a position with our   Hereford members can be found from Cape Reinga
 Sale by Video      integrated programmes to do this easily, especially with   to Bluff and encompass a wide range of breeding
 PN Convention Centre, 354 Main Street, Palmerston North   |   Start time 4pm  Hereford Prime’s feedback sheets, which suppliers of   programmes and objectives. I can assure you, they are
                    cattle receive.                             a very friendly, welcoming bunch who like to showcase
 Boehringer Ingelheim Happy Hour from 3.30pm    Members’ breeding programmes (which often   their animals and breeding programme to any interested
 Free parking tickets for Palmerston North available for collection from the Grazing Unit  highlight generations of work in breeding and farming   people. Please contact any members listed in the
                    by both genders) breed cattle that are docile, fertile,   associated directories.
 Online National Hereford Sale catalogue available at  feed efficient and leave a clearly identifiable stamp as   The NZ Hereford Association looks forward to hosting
                    to their makeup. They enhance the New Zealand beef   the Boehringer Ingelheim World Hereford Conference
                    quality story, in which Hereford Prime plays an extremely   in Queenstown in March 2020 and will have a detailed
                    important role as the first branded beef programme in   Facebook page up and running by August 2018, to highlight
                    New Zealand. Hereford genetics have the ability to match   activities and communicate with globally interested people.
                    the very best grass-fed beef in New Zealand.   Remember  to  look  for  animals  with  True  Blue  H
                       As I write this, BREEDPLAN recently completed the   Tags in their ear as an easy way to identify registered
                    first Trans-Tasman Hereford Single Step genomic run,   performance  recorded  animals  that  can enhance  the
                    which combines phenotypical and genomic data, offering   quality beef market.
                    another tool to aid breeders in their decision making, in   I hope you enjoy reading this year’s edition of the
                    breeding functional commercial cattle.      magazine, and look forward to engaging with both
                       As an association, we are committed to using   breeders and commercial farmers in the year ahead.
                    science, in conjunction with good management breeding
                    practices, to address challenges farming in New Zealand
                    brings, along with meeting our customers’ needs. We
                    and our members strive for excellence. The NZ Hereford
                    Association sponsors hold similar core values; the
                    sponsors are PGG Wrightson, Aon, Boehringer Ingelheim,   PHILLIP BARNETT
                    Tru Test, Honda Motorcycles, Goldpine, and Allflex.  President, NZ Herefords
                       As more and more schools offer exposure to agriculture,
 Freephone 0800 24 66 54 63  Helping grow the country  the challenge for our sector is to attract and engage with
                    the young talent that is evident throughout New Zealand,
                    as growing  numbers of  young people  see agriculture

 DDI: 06 323 0745
 WEBSITE:  President   Phillip Barnett .............. e:  Chairman   Laurie Paterson ..... e:
                                                                Vice chairman
                                                                           Geof Brown ........  e:
           Vice president
                        Colin Corney ...e:
           Treasurer    Gray Pannett ..................e:  Treasurer   Colin Corney ... e:
           General manager  Posy Moody ..........e:  Brand manager  Natalie Campbell .e:  3
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