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ISSUE  176  •   FEBRUAR Y  2022
                   Hooked on

          The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of NZ Herefords

                         A fitting message from Kate Taylor for this month’s edition of Hooked on Herefords!

          Prior to Christmas Kate, our very own magazine      For those of you who don’t know Kate, she is a busy bee
          editor won the Rural Women NZ writing               with the Hereford magazine as well as being a councillor
          competition with article regarding the spread       on the Central Hawke's Bay District Council and a member
          of Covid-19, through the World Hereford             of the NZ Farm Environment Trust.  Along with her
          Conference in March 2020.                           husband, Thomas (and two children at uni),  they own a
                                                              lifestyle block in Takapau, where she is also a volunteer
          The theme of the 2021 Rural Women New Zealand       firefighter.
          writing competition was life lessons during the Covid-19
          lockdown. The article can be read on NZ Herefords   We are also thrilled that at a similar time, Posy (NZH GM)
          LinkedIn page. Its not the first time Kate has won a Rural   was awarded an AGMARDT scholarship which will finance
          Women’s award,  in their 2019 business awards she won   her to attend the Boma Transformational Executives
          the Rural Champion award.                           course as well as providing her a mentor.

       DIARY DATES 2022

       3rd of every month group run cut off   APRIL
                                                     Hooked on Herefords (Electronic)
       FEBRUARY                                      NZ Hereford Magazine distribution
       19     Southern Hereford Club 50th            with Country Wide
              Celebration                     8      NZ Herefords Seed Stock Sale
       22-23   NZH Council Meeting Zoom
                                                     Entries Close
       11     Wanaka A & P Show               MAY
       16     NZ Herefords Seed Stock Sale    10     AGM,  National Hereford Seed Stock
              Entries Open                           Sale & Breed Dinner at Orlando,
       17-19   Central Districts Field Days          Palmerston North
       26     Copy due for April Newsletter
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